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Events Past Events Print vs. Digital Media: NYU:SCPS - May 11th

False Dilemmas & Hidden Opportunities:

An informed Dialogue with Natural Logic CEO Gil Friend & ISC Senior Research Fellow Don Carli

Are you a marketing, digital media, print, or advertising professional interested in greener media?

If so, save the date and join thought leaders Gil Friend and Don Carli for breakfast and a provocative dialogue on the environmental impact of print and digital media between 8:30 and 10:30 AM on May 11th. at the NYU School of Continuing & Professional Studies - 11 West 42nd Street, RM 1027.


Green and "paperless" campaigns imply that print media is harmful to the environment and digital media is not. For example: “Please consider the environment before printing this email"

But …what if this warning is wrong? What if digital media is more destructive to the environment than print media?

  • Is our growing reliance on information technology and digital media sustainable?
  • What are some of the real environmental impacts associated with print and digital media?
  • What is life cycle analysis and how can it help you make informed decisions?
  • How can you employ print and digital media responsibly and feel good about your choices?

Join us to learn how you can make wiser decisions about print and digital media. Space is limited, reserve your seat now.


If you can't make it in person, tune into our live feed and use Twitter or Facebook to share your questions & comments:


Don Carli

ISC Senior Research Fellow
Director, Sustainable Advertising Partnership
Twitter: @dcarli

Don Carli (Institute for Sustainable Communication Senior Research Fellow and PBS MediaShift Contributor) has recently published a series of articles and a whitepaper titled "Print vs. Digital Media: False Dilemmas and Forced Choices" exploring the rhetoric, risks and realities behind overly simplistic “Print vs Pixels” choices. His research challenges the conventional wisdom about whether going paperless really saves trees or is better for the environment. It also addresses steps being taken by industry and government to discourage “greenwash” and to reduce the negative impacts of print and digital media supply chains.

Gil Friend

CEO, Natural Logic
The Truth About Green Business
Twitter: @gfriend

Gil Friend (Natural Logic CEO, noted sustainability consultant, and author of The Truth About Green Business) has recently conducted extensive review of the environmental lifecycle data for print and digital media. His research indicates that apples-to-apples comparisons between print and digital media are difficult and limited by the lifecycle data that is currently available. Gil will share insights from a soon to be published whitpaper that identifies effective guidelines based on existing materials, performance, and energy data which can help procurement and operations professionals choose eco-effective print and digital media solutions.

This free breakfast dialogue is presented by the NYU Graduate Program in Graphic Communications Management and Technology in partnership with the Institute for Sustainable Communication, with support from Domtar Corporation.