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Showcase Showcase The Mainstream Green Study

ISC and NYU-SPCS presents a dialogue with Graceann Bennett, co-author of "Mainstream Green: Moving Sustainability from Niche to Normal" the recently published report from OgilvyEarth that provides new insight about how to close the Green Gap that persists between what consumers say and what they do.

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The Mainstream Green study uncovers many of the obstacles deterring consumers from behaving in accord with their green intentions.

According Ms. Bennet “Research shows that many environmental messages are not only failing to close the Green Gap, but are actually cementing it by making green behavior too difficult and costly from a practical, financial, and social standpoint.

During course of the dialogue, Ms. Bennett and ISC Senior Research Fellow Don Carli to explored the implications of this benchmark study by discussing:

  • Where sustainability marketing has gone wrong
  • The major barriers to adopting sustainable behaviors
  • 12 ways to close the Green Gap
  • How to realize the opportunity in sustainability

To download a copy of the study, please click here. To find out more about Ogilvy Earth, please click here.