ECO360 TRUST™ in the Media

Recycling Today | 3/21/2011:

"The mission of the New York City-based Institute for Sustainable Communication (ISC) is to advise communications professionals on sustainability issues. The group also provides college scholarships to low-income students. The ISC’s Eco360 Trust campaign helps to raise money for its education program with custom T-shirts made from recycled PET bottles. "

Eco 20/20 | 3/08/2011:

"Promoting Water Conservation in a way that Conserves Water. With Earth Day rapidly approaching, companies are planning their events now. They will spend a lot of money on activities, media and materials to promote their recycling and conservation initiatives. Unfortunately some of their materials will harm the very resources they hope to protect."

Chasing Green | 1/18/2011:

"Eco360 Trust Promoting Green Intiative with Shirts. Launched by the non-profit Institute for Sustainable Communication (ISC), ECO360 TRUST has the simple but ambitious agenda of helping college students, the next generation of communication leaders, foster constructive change through sustainability principles."

LA Green Business Examiner | 1/14/2011:

"T-Shirts from Plastic Bottles Fund Scholarships.  If you are looking for a way to get an environmental, social, and economic return on your investment, look at ECO360 Trust – the trust campaign of the Institute for Sustainable Communication (ISC)."

Advertising Age Good Works | 1/13/2011:

"How a new t-shirt helped one company become more sustainable?  Although people use the words "green" and "sustainable" interchangeably, there is a difference."

Mother Earth News | 1/6/2011:

"People talk about being green and sustainable. Companies and organizations spend millions of dollars a year promoting their sustainability policies. But the practice of "green washing," or claiming to be more eco-friendly than you actually are, is the unfortunate result when the talk does not match the action."

2 Degrees Network Podcast | 12/31/10:

"This week, Ben Carmichael speaks with Mark Elis of Eco360 Trust about the power of t-shirts to communicate about sustainability and to help send kids to college." | 12/21/10:

"First, the shirts are made out of 100% recycled PET, which is the same plastic from soda and water bottles. Each e360t shirt prevents at least 3 plastic bottles from being dumped in a landfill. Americans generate over 10 million tons of plastic waste annually, but recycle less than 2% of it. A lot of that waste ends up in landfills or in the ocean."

Green Energy Reporter | 12/3/10:

"On any given day, the G.E.R. inbox gets dozens of PR pitches. We read some but only a few push us to pick up the phone. This week an outfit called the Eco360 Trust contacted us with a pitch frankly outside of our core coverage but that peaked our interest."

Environmental News Network | 11/18/10:

"Producing the e360t shirts started as a project to teach students about the sustainable use of print and digital media. ISC redesigned the shirts to be fully sustainable, and the results appealed to both students and corporations trying to establish or protect their green reputations."

Metro Green Business | 10/17/10:

"Our "e360t" shirts are customized performance apparel. These are high end promotional garments for corporate branding. The "e360t" shirts have five distinct benefits to society and the environment, which make them preferable to the cheap cotton T shirts that many companies buy."