How to increase the sustainability of your workplace with eco-effective communication and collaboration workflows

Improve operational efficiency and effectiveness — while enhancing your sustainability commitment

Today’s businesses face many challenges from process improvements that boost the bottom line to sustainable technologies that reduce waste and cost.

Made possible though a generous sponsorship grant from Adobe, the eSeminar supports ISC's mission to increase the understanding of sustainability best practices and to assist individuals and organizations in-adopting more sustainable print and digital media workflows.

Join Adobe and guest speaker Don Carli of the Institute for Sustainable Communication for a free eSeminar which  provides solutions for organizations of all sizes that face the challenges of balancing cost reductions, process improvements, and increasing productivity while addressing commitments to sustainable business practices that minimize environmental impacts and reduce carbon footprints.

Featuring case studies across a wide range of enterprises, this special eSeminar will show you how to:

  • Improving workflow — streamlining outdated, manual processes with secure, easy-to-share electronic PDF documents.
  • Maximizing efficiency — standardizing the way everyone communicates and collaborates enterprise-wide for better productivity.
  • Reducing paper — lowering the organization’s carbon footprint as well as reducing costs and inefficient manual practices.
  • Increasing security — ensuring safe electronic transmission and storage of business critical documents.

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